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Virtual Auction: bid for my novels & other exciting items and help WAVAW support survivors!

Hi all! I have donated copies of both my novels to SOLD - WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre's Virtual Silent Auction. I am committed to supporting survivors of sexualized violence and hope that you will join me by bidding generously at the auction. SOLD features stunning works from local artists, tattoos, gift cards and more at accessible starting bids!

The auction opens at 9:00am on March 5th and closest promptly at 9:00pm on Sunday, March 7th.

Click here to join WAVAW's SOLD auction: CLICK!

WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre provides free-of-charge, gender-affirming support services to survivors of sexualized violence with shared experiences of gendered oppression including cis and trans women and trans, non-binary and Two-Spirit survivors. Support services include victim services, hospital, court, and police accompaniments, and individual and group counselling. Gender-based violence is systemic, and our work goes beyond service provision to advocating for and enacting change within our society to create safer communities. Despite being BC's largest sexual assault centre, and managing a caseload of more than 300 survivors at any given time, the waitlist to access free-of-charge counselling at WAVAW is almost 2 years long. A donation of $35 funds 1 hour of Crisis Support on WAVAW’s toll-free, 24 hour a day, nation-wide Crisis and Information Line.*

Both my novels were inspired by my own experience with sexualized violence and its effects on teens, as well as the effect of lack of resources for sexualized violence. Take a peak at the synopses below and scroll through my previous blog posts for details!

Frankie's life began in an Irish pub in Montreal's French east end. As she listens to her dad's band jam to the beats of life, the most unfortunate of coincidences happens and her life is changed forever.

Being a girl in the 1980s isn't easy. Frankie soon comes to see it as an impromptu jam session filled with unexpected beats. The beats she experiences in high school are filled with laughter, tears, love, anger, and hope. Dealing with bullies becomes a daily nightmare. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll become a big part of her struggles and healing process.

Frankie learns that the key to survival is friendship, determination, and figuring out how to become an author in the song that is her life.

Butterflies in the System is a story about love, incarceration, and perseverance. Inspired by true events, it follows a year in the life of five teenagers as they struggle through the youth protection system in Montreal.

Through the halls of a group home, into lockdown within a youth detention centre, and onto the streets, Sam and her peers navigate through a world kept hidden from the public eye. Their future in the hands of judges, social workers, and childcare workers, the teens learn the value in empathy and friendship.

Winning bids will have a profound impact on survivors. Every dollar raised through SOLD will go towards ensuring that survivors can access WAVAW's free-of-charge support services through the pandemic and beyond.

Place your bid here: CLICK!

WAVAW's Programs and Services*:

One-to-one Counselling The waitlist to access one-to-one counselling is currently over two-years long. 24- Hour Crisis and Information Line WAVAW offers 24 hour support and information on our toll-free Crisis Line. Our Crisis Line takes more than 2,800 calls a year.

24-Hour Hospital Accompaniment WAVAW provides transportation, support and advocacy to survivors seeking medical treatment at Vancouver General Hospital. Last year, we accompanied 93 survivors to the hospital.

WAVAW Connect WAVAW offers text and chat support via WAVAW connect! Just $15 connects survivors to an hour of text support with a Victim Service Worker!

Inclusion services for Trans, Non-Binary and Two-Spirit Survivors Most support services are created for cis, heterosexual white women. WAVAW is dedicated to providing gender-affirming services that are accessible to the queer and trans community.

Indigenous Counselling and Outreach Program WAVAW offers culturally-affirming services to Indigenous survivors, and the self-identified family members of the Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirit.

Join WAVAW's SOLD auction and place your bid here: CLICK!

Thank you to all who've so generously participated - you could be saving a life!

*Content in this post was provided directly by WAVAW for auction donors to share on social media.


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