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A word on abuse

He’s so perfect

Please, no drama #metoo

I’m so in love!

He’s so perfect,

Tall, blond ✓

Handsome ✓

Strong ✓

Silent ✓

But then there’s her …

what a witch!

Always in the background

A dark, speechless cloud

Full of smoke



Drama Queen

We can’t go out in public

Because of her drama

They separated, like, two years ago

Because of her drama

she doesn’t even know Me

God, she’s so dramatic

They never speak

Drama drama drama

He’s so sweet, what’s her problem?

she’s so dramatic

He’s keeping Me safe, away from her


she avoids Me anyway

She’s so dramatic

He loves Me, he’d never hurt Me

she’s so dramatic

He won’t talk about his marriage

Because of her drama

I heard he got fired

Me too. That Drama Queen.

I heard it was cuz of …

Fuck, no. Life’s too short for drama. I don’t want to hear it.

Yeah, but…

I said, life’s too short.

He’s good with Me.

she’s the problem.

He would never hurt Me.

she’s the problem.

He respects Me.

she’s the problem.

He’s silent.

she’s the problem.

He’s angry.

she’s the problem.

He won’t hang with my friends.

she’s the problem.

He’s not hearing me.

she’s the problem.

I have needs too.

she’s the problem.

There’s proof …

Fuck. I said… please, no drama.

Poem by Jane Powell

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