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CBC Montreal interview with Sabrina Marandola: on Butterflies in the System

It was a privilege to speak with CBC Montreal's Sabrina Marandola on her radio segment "Let's Go", about my inspiration for writing Butterflies in the System.

Many of us tend not to talk about the youth who aren’t “making it”, who are suffering - the rebellious, troublesome, the “lost causes”. We don’t really know what to do with them, so we quietly turn the other way and keep walking. Although this is an understandable reaction, as it’s an uncomfortable conversation with few answers so far, this reaction only works to silence a problem that our youth desperately need us to address.

I wrote Butterflies in the System to help transport readers to a world that is often hidden from the public eye, and bring them on a journey into the minds of ‘rebellious’ youth, the causes for rebellion, and the effects of positive vs. negative care in the youth protection system.

Listen to my interview with Sabrina Marandola on CBC Montreal Radio here:

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