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Read Chapters 1-6

Hi there!

In support of my fellow book lovers during this Covid-19 era, I recently offered all chapters of Sky-Bound Misfit for free reading from April 15th to May 15th. If you have missed this opportunity, please feel free to browse through the first six chapters (links below) or/and purchase it online through Chapters, Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, or another distributor of your choice. If you live in Golden B.C., it is also available at Bacchus Books.

Sky-Bound Misfit is a work of fiction, but is based on true events. There are some chapters that have mature content and include topics such as gender violence and substance use. I recommend this novel for ages 14+.

Please let me know if you have trouble viewing chapters. (and, a couple of mild formatting glitches happened during prepping the docs for online viewing, so please excuse those too!)

Comments & questions can be sent to me at:

Backcover synopsis:

Frankie's life began in an Irish pub in Montreal's French east end. As she listens to her dad's band jam to the beats of life, the most unfortunate of coincidences happens and her life is changed forever.

Being a girl in the 1980s isn't easy. Frankie soon comes to see life as an impromptu

jam session filled with unexpected beats. The beats she experiences in high school are filled with laughter, tears, love, anger and hope. Dealing with bullies becomes a daily nightmare. Sex, drugs and rock n' roll become a big part of her struggles and healing process.

Frankie learns that the key to survival is friendship, determination and figuring out how to become an author in the song that is her life.

Sky-Bound Misfit is available for purchase at most online distributors worldwide, including: (also available through other local Amazon distributors)

Barnes & Noble

Sky-Bound Misfit, Chapters 1-6

Overture: The Sound of Silence

Chapter 1: Blues in the Night

Chapter 2: Mad World

Chapter 3: Running Up That Hill

Chapter 4: Don't Stop Believin'

Chapter 5: Church of the Poison Mind

Chapter 6: Easy Lover

I love to hear from my readers! Please send comments to or message me through my webpage ( ) or Facebook page (Jane Powell / @janesthoughtdoodles). Thanks for reading :-)

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