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Workshop With Golden Girls Inspires Super Powers

As the women cozied themselves into sofas and chairs with cups of tea and shared baked goodies, the room transformed from a welcoming venue into a warm home-away-home. The Golden Women's Centre had officially begun its Creative Thursdays program and I was honoured to help them kick it off with my Creative Writing Workshop.

I believe that we all have a story to tell within us, just as we all have the creative super powers to tell it. They may be hidden deep, but they are there! My theory was proved yet again, as each woman in my workshop put together the framework for her own story and created a protagonist to help her tell it. Soon enough, the room filled with characters from a variety of timelines, settings, ages, and circumstances. Stories fluttered back through time and into the future as protagonists were employed with saving the world and bettering society. Imaginations ran wild and conversations weaved through philosophical territory, and at times even strayed right off the path, as often happens when one's creative super powers are so inspired!

The fun and success of this workshop has inspired me to host another, so stay tuned for dates and times, and if you are interested in registering for it be sure to contact me at: or click on one of the "Contact Me" buttons on my home page.

I wish you all a happy creative weekend :-)

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